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Tang Bistro Noodle Soup


We combined the most authentic north-west Chinese cuisine with tapas. A wide variety of starters, tapa noodles and signature dishes.

Tang Bistro Best Hand Pulled Noodles


Most of our dishes are following the original recipes of Xi'an street food, but with delicately westernized taste and modern presentation.

Tang Bistro Dumplings


A varieties of house special cocktails, wines, beers, rice wine, sake, soju and Chinese Baijiu.


Check out 简珍妮Jen Tomski's youtube video:

These Chinese COLD NOODLES have changed my life 🤯 My first time trying Xi'an food!!! 凉皮太好吃了我的天啊

Featured on CBC Edmonton

At Tang Bistro, you can feast on hand-pulled noodles, skewered barbecued meats (and tofu skin); clay bowls of stews and soups, pork dumplings, rice dishes and refreshing salads of bean curd and cucumber.

Dining at the bistro transports the customer to another country and a period of history where not only silk and spices were introduced to the rest of the world, but religion, science and philosophies, as well.  

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Featured on CBC Edmonton
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Featured on Edmonton Sun
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Rated Best in Edmonton
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